Meeting with Parents at Deaf School, Burkina Faso

December 17, 2009

While we were visiting the Deaf School in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on our last day the parents of the children were invited to a meeting on Saturday morning. Deaf children in Burkina Faso are looked upon as outcast in society, primarily because it is so hard to live in general. Their own families also consider deaf children outcasts.

We had on the trip the leader of teaching deaf children for the Great State of Wyoming (Janine Cole). Janine was able to speak to them through interpreters and explain that their deaf children are equal to their other children. They were very appreciative of Janine’s words and several mothers and fathers spoke about how their deaf child is mistreated, including in their own families. This was a very moving time when the parents gave their testimonies.  Another WOW time among numerous others during our trip.

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