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November 2, 2010

Our group will head off  to Burkina Faso, West Africa tomorrow. Among the group are professional deaf educators who will help teach deaf teachers at The Emphatha School for the Deaf in Ouagadougou and also develop a long term sustainable plan for the school and its planned growth. In addition we will be visiting small villages that we have visited before with The Gemach Project along with hopefully meeting with the  Burkina Faso Ambassador , The Minister of Education, The Prime Minister , Member’s of the Board of Assembly of God Church, Members of Leadership from Burkina Faso of Community Bible Study International, The Board of Directors of the planned Light of Hope University and others.We will be hosted by Lydia & Pastor Michel and their family .We will stay at the Village of Hope Boarding School, where they take care of 455 young people.

Then the LORD said: “I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the LORD, will do for you.

Exodus 34:10

After 10 days in Burkina Faso, we will head to Brussels and Vienna to continue to tell about our voyage.

We are very excited to see our African friends and to see what God has planned for us on this journey.

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God Launched Burkina Faso- We just joined him

November 2, 2010

As reported by Frank & Marian Vroegop-  Community Bible Study International

God fulfilled His promise in Habakkuk 1:5

“Look at the nations and watch – be utterly amazed! For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.”

We are astounded at the privilege of joining God as He fulfilled His plan for Bible studies in Burkina Faso. God took the poorest country in the world and developed His ministry of Bible studies to His glory!

You prayed and supported us, and we want to share with you our exciting journey with our awesome God! Although we arrived late at the primitive Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, airport, Pastor Michel was there welcoming us with his big smile and open arms. The love of Christ quicklybonded us. On Sunday, together with 1,000 people, we worshiped in Pastor Michel’s church. We were asked to give a message on Joshua 6, and, afterward, three courageous people walked a very long aisle to kneel on the stage and accept Christ. Their bravery was secondary to their desperate need of Jesus. They will receive weeks of spiritual instruction from the church. What a glorious way to begin our ministry in Burkina Faso!

Pastor Benjamin

As our week continued, we discovered what great leaders God had prepared for us. Before we set foot in Burkina Faso, Pastors Michel and Benjamin made preparations for the training sessions: creating and printing CBSI Burkina Faso brochures, overseeing the translation and printing of Acts CBSI lessons into three languages, organizing food and lodging for more than 100 people for five days, arranging for microphones, computers, screens, generators (sorry, no fans), TV and radio coverage for the commissioning and providing an excellent translator for us. They did this and even more in an efficient, godly way and with economic wisdom.

Pastors doing homework

We trained in a very, very hot building from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. with a break for lunch. We trained the pastors from the nine training centers for two days; then, we trained the other 100 regional leaders for three days. The nine center pastors assisted us in the larger training, which reinforced their own training. Under Pastor Benjamin’s direction, the nine center pastors will roll out CBSI to the 4,000 churches.

9 Center Leaders and Frank & Marian Vroegop - CBSI

During our training, we became friends as we interacted, role-played, learned and laughed together. Burkina Faso is a “story-telling culture,”so the pastors had a lot of fun telling what they discovered by studying God’s Word in their own language for the first time! They exclaimed, “We love this!” They learned the 5-step method of Biblestudy and are fully equipped to train others.

Graduating Class

We talked extensively on how to reach and help the illiterate as well as the literate in their villages. They committed to work together! They will start in Ouagadougou in two of the training centers and then expand from there. During October and November, extensive media awareness on radio and TV will coincide with the CBSI training sessions. Classes will begin in January. At the end of the training, Pastor Michel had arranged for a special commissioning service for the CBSI-trained pastors. Ministry leaders from all over Burkina Faso came to celebrate with us. Leaders from United Bible Society, Wycliffe, Youth for Christ, and many others attended the ceremony. Other national leaders from surrounding French-speaking African countries came to meet with Pastor Michel and join in God’s launching of CBSI Burkina Faso! TV and radio were there to broadcast the event.


As we consider what God accomplished, we are astonished at what He overcame for us: we didn’t speak their language; we had to use a translator; we didn’t know their culture; we were not accustomed to their climate; and we didn’t have a clue how difficult it was for them to survive. BUT God knew it all. He had a plan for Bible studies in Burkina Faso, and He gave us His favor and blessed us by bonding our hearts together in love for Christ and love for each other. The universal language is love, and they heard our hearts! We met as strangers and left loving each other deeply.

Prayer of Dedication

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