A much needed Obstetrics/Maternity Wing at the Clinic…

April 26, 2011

African Hope Initiative has just embarked on a project to raise $250,000 to build an Obstetrics and Maternity Wing at the Source of Life Clinic in Burkina Faso. AHI Advocate, Judy Rose is leading the charge. Here is her story:

“I was about to step into the smallish room—not much bigger than a closet crowded with cardboard boxes—and burst into tears.  Not a silent trickle.  Full blown sobbing.  Stiffly, I backed out of the tight space.  I had two words for our photographer.  “Get pictures,” I gasped.  My fellow missionaries gaped at my reaction.  After all we had seen in Burkina Faso, what about this dingy place had moved me so?  I’d been thinking God brought me to Ouagadougou for my nominal French skills, but it wasn’t my abilities that God planned to use.  It was my pain.”

“My experiences with childbirth read like the depressing chapter of those What To Expect books.  Infertility.  Miscarriage.  Pre-eclampsia.  Pre-term labor and months of bed rest.  Gestational diabetes. Gall bladder complications.  And a C-section.  Three pregnancies later I had two healthy baby boys to show for it.”

 “Looking through the doorway into the ‘delivery room’ at the Source of Life clinic in Ouagadougou was enough.  The half table with the stirrups, the lack of modern delivery equipment, the stifling heat, bad lighting and shabby surroundings told the story.  I would not have made it here, I thought.  I would have died.  My children would have died.” 

“God had brought me halfway around the world to show me this one thing—this cheerless chamber—knowing that I would understand without being told.  When Dave Bidwell handed me the plans for the new maternity ward at the Source of Hope medical clinic a few days later, he knew God was speaking to me.”

“Only $250,000 is needed to create the new facility—far less than a comparable amenity in the United States.  If you have healthy children, or if you’ve suffered loss or pregnancy complications, God may be using your experiences to speak to you, too.”

Note: You can make a contribution to the Obstetrics/Maternity Wing through electronic check or credit card by clicking on the following link: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/eIL1ZJQK/africanhopeinitiative/sourceoflifemedicalclinics

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