Linda’s thoughts after year in Burkina Faso… Now Headed Back…

September 25, 2012

It was God’s mission for me to follow Him to Burkina Faso, Africa.  He wanted me to work with the teachers who teach students with hearing loss.  It was a challenge because I had to learn French Sign Language along with American Sign Language.  I always carried my French dictionary book with me because there was conflict with English and French words even they spelled the same way but they meant something different.  I enjoyed being with the students.  They never forget your faces from the year before or five years before.  They even remembered their names that came to visit the school of the deaf.  No matter how much the students struggled with the language, they were happy.  I was amazed that the teachers had to copy from the textbook onto the chalkboard using chalks and then the students copied it to their notebooks.  I was not sure if you remembered those days when teachers used chalks and hardly used any worksheets.  We had to memorize everything.  I felt that I was reliving in the 60’s and 70’s.  They are about 50 years behind.  It was worth living in Burkina Faso for a year.  They had family values such as living together, doing things, and helping together.  They celebrated birthdays to live, not gifts.  It was a big deal for them.  Each year, they made it through tough times.  I got sick and was not able to go to school.  Teachers would come over to my house to give me a bag of bananas and mangos.  It was the sweetest thing.  It’s sad that we text to say hope you feel better or get well.  I am going back to Burkina Faso for two months to help with the school of the deaf and also deaf community.  I will move to Benin to train teachers and involved with the deaf ministry for four months.

Linda Ellis

Your support of Linda’s incredible brave journey is greatly appreciated… you can support Linda with prayers and financial support.

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