Light of Hope University: A multi-discipline Christian university taught from a Christian world-view which will develop godly leaders for Africa.

Village of Hope: A boarding school for village children who would normally not have access to quality education or the opportunity to be exposed to the message of Jesus Christ.

Ephphatha School for the Deaf: A quality education for deaf children, which will also ultimately be a training school for deaf educators.

Source of Life Medical Clinics: Two medical clinics which make medical care available to poor communities.

Village of Hope Automotive School: A vocational school to provide auto mechanic training and therefore provide jobs.

Church Development: Building and developing churches in partnership with local initiatives.

Business Leadership Training & Development: We are in the early stage of scheduling a trip of 10-20 businesspeople to go to Burkina Faso, We will match business people up with individuals where they can offer spiritual, financial and general business skills to help the people of Burkina Faso. The plans include helping develop sustainable businesses long into the future. You would be developing a life long friendship that will be as meaningful as anything you have ever done. We will hopefully have outlined how this will move forward by May 1st, 2011.

Pump Camp- In partnership with Grace Chapel and their partnership with Living Water international a group of 5-7 women and men will be trained on a basic mechanical understanding of how pumps works. Some of the members will also be trained on the cleanliness issues that these people face and how to help them. This team will also be part of Special Ops team (more info to come)that will be available to meet urgent needs in the areas we serve. Living Water International is focused on fixing the thousands of non-working wells around the world. For more information contact Dave Bidwell at (  303 -808-4390

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Recent events/stories:

Light of Hope University: Shining Soon

The development of the Light of Hope University is moving faster than any of us deemed possible. The thought of 30,000 students walking the campus, and the future leaders of French-speaking Africa being trained, is thrilling in itself. Yet,the pace at which the Lord is moving this project is truly amazing too.

In a meeting November 2009 in Burkina Faso, the Minister of Education promised to facilitate the final paperwork on the land, and even to speed the issuing of the certificate which gives permission to open the University. Until the buildings are in place, the local Committee will open the School of Business in a rented facility in Ouagadougou.

In February 2010, a second team from Engineering Ministries International went to do a detailed land survey and devise a final site plan with necessary infrastructure, allowing for drawings of Phase One to begin. We are developing partnerships with several universities elsewhere which might be willing to facilitate training staff at all levels. It’s a wild ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Village of Hope:

Kids Plant Church…Mamadou’s Story

Each time Mamadou (real name withheld) returns to his village for the vacation periods, he is happy to be home, but knows his life has changed. He is now in his fourth year at the Village of Hope Primary School. He has to admit that learning to get up in time to be at Chapel every morning at five was an adjustment. Yet he looks forward to it now, because he has come to know Jesus and the worship time is a celebration of that relationship.

Mamadou and some friends from his village returned home one holiday and were missing their time in Chapel. They spoke with their parents and the village chiefs about the possibility having a Christian church in their village which was almost totally followed other religions. To their surprise and because they could see the difference the Village of Hope was making in the children’s lives, the chiefs agreed. Pastor Michel recruited a pastor and the Antenne Ville Church in Ouagadougou help the community build a church. The church has grown so much, they are already in need of a larger building..a church planted by kids!

Secondary School: (Open)

The Village of Hope Secondary School is now open and taking students. It needed to happen right away. Students who have moved through the Primary School needed a place to continue. Eager students can now dig into learning English and the Sciences.

AHI has been able to partner with The Parole D’Espoir Foundation in Burkina Faso to open a classroom building and half of the Boys Dorm, as well as helping complete construction of the Library and Science lab.  The second half of the Boys Dorm and the Admin Building are under construction. It is always a privilege to join what the Lord is doing through Pastor Michel and Lydia Ouedraogo as they demonstrate so much faith, and the Lord blesses that faith in accomplishing so much to help the young people of Burkina Faso.

Ephphatha School for the Deaf:

We “Hear” You!

The Ephphatha School for the Deaf has seen an amazing transformation. The first time AHI partner Grace Chapel visited the Deaf School in Ouagadougou, the ceilings sagged under the weight of bat droppings, the classrooms smelled of urine, the buildings were in need of repair and paint, and the attendance was low. Now the fully refurbished classrooms are bustling with kids…the enrollment has almost tripled.

Volunteers, Mandi Darr, and Janine Cole, who are specialists in deaf education and Advocates for the African Hope Initiative have been visiting to give further training to the teachers, help the principal and teachers develop an overall education strategy for the school, raise the potential of the deaf children in the minds of parents, and bring much needed teaching resources and testing equipment. The future involves supplying hearing aids to totally change the way these young people live. (WOW)

Completing a multi-purpose building/lunchroom, putting in a water tank, building some vocational workshops, and eventually building secondary school classrooms. Want to help?…email us.

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Source of Life Medical Clinics:

“They could not diagnose the internal injuries!”

In November 2009, flooding devastated much of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, including the National Hospital. As a result the X-Ray Unit there was put out of commission, and there are no other working X-Rays in the city. AHI partner, Pastor Michel was saddened by two people in his congregation who lost their lives because doctors could not properly diagnose their injuries. Friends at Grace Chapel were able to purchase and send a new X-Ray Unit for the Clinic. We received word this month that the container with the X-Ray has arrived, and a team from Denver will be traveling in March to help set-up the equipment.

Village of Hope Automotive School:

“The tools will let us get started…”

Through the generosity of a friend of AHI, a full mechanic shop of tools and an industrial air compressor were loaded into a shipping container in November which has since arrived in Ouagadougou.  In the next few months, Pastor Michel there hopes to launch the mechanic shop in a borrowed space. Plans have been drawn for a training school building to be built by 2011. Pastor Michel was excited to tell us,“We know that this will help many in Burkina Faso have jobs, and be able to feed their families.” For more information, click here.

Church Development:

“We want to go to church…”

Spawned by the children from the Village of Hope (see above) who have wanted to go to church when they return home for holidays, African Hope Initiative is also assisting with the development and building of churches, particularly in rural areas. In one village they have already asked us to help them build a bigger church.  AHI is also partnering on pastor, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, small group Bibloe study and church leadership training.

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