Village of Hope Automotive School:

A One Minute Video of Pastor Michel

Many young people in Burkina Faso face desperation on how to provide for themselves to eat, to live and to care for their families.

We want to offer future jobs through the Village of Hope Automotive School.

Vocational training is urgently needed in Burkina Faso. Unemployment is high, so any job skill can open the door for a good job. The roads are often rough, so repairs are often required. Skills in car or truck repair are in big demand.

Though the Automotive School owns a good piece of land next to a main highway, has building drawings completed, and even has had many of the shop tools already donated, the building itself still needs to be constructed.

The total cost of building the garage is $94,000

You contribution of any amount could help us get started on the construction or purchase tools.


Would you, if you have automotive repair skills, consider visiting Burkina Faso to offer training to these young people?

To make a donation, click here:

To arrange a visit, contact Bill Walsh,

 or Dave Bidwell,

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