Village of Hope Boarding School

2 minute Video of the Village of Hope boarding School, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The children of rural Burkina Faso have little hope. They face a life of hunger from cyclical famines, disease that takes their friends at too young an age, and a life of tending animals and growing millet…when the rains are good.

The Village of Hope offers a different future for these children.

With the approval of village elders, children are sent to the Village of Hope where they are housed under the guidance of “house parents,” fed three meals a day, given a good education, and challenged spiritually. These young people are now healthy, happy and hopeful. They are scoring among the highest on national exams.  They serve as role models to others in the villages when they are home for holidays. They are even requesting that their parents build churches in their villages so they can worship together.

Each year, the Village takes about 60 additional children into the younger grades. This year 456 kids are enrolled in grades 1 through 7.

Your donation to the Village of Hope will make a real and direct difference in the lives of these kids.

Your donation will safely house, feed and offer medical attention to these children.

Your donation will help the VOH leadership continue to build for additional kids.

Your donation will help pay the teachers who are offering some of the best education in the country.

Your donation is even planting churches through kids in rural villages.


$22:  the cost of transporting a student to and from home for Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks.

$50: the approximate cost of food, housing, education, and medical attention for a child for one month.

$150,000: the cost of a new block of classrooms

To make a donation click here:

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